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India is a civilizational state which has welcomed diverse communities into its boundaries. It has also suffered brutal invasions across history. But its deep civilizational past is the ultimate proof of its culture, present in form of monuments.

Kamakhya Temple, Assam

Kamakhya temple is a place where earth in the form of local goddess (Kamakhya) is believed to go yearly menstruation cycle. It attracts large number of people in a fair called Ambubachi Mela.

Ramanathaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu

It contains one of the 12 jyotirlingas, which are devotional objects that are supposed to represent Shiva. The Ramanathaswamy Temple is also one of the four destinations on the Char Dham pilgrimage circuit for Hindus.

Ranakpur Temple, Rajasthan

It is a marvellous Jain temple constructed using marbles. It has 1444 uniquely carved pillars, one at a time. None of the pillars have the same pattern of carving on them.

Kailashnath Temple, Maharashtra

It was built in 760AD by Rashtrakutan Dynasty King Krishna. It is an engineering genius which is as complex as pyramid in construction. It is also the single largest monolithic temple cut upside down 1300 years ago.

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Sunday Munchies

“Embrace the pain. It is always a stimulus to self-realization when you live in a cultural society away from wild survival”


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Coming to the bed, silencing my body ache

who do I tell, for them it’s all fake

married at 18, left home as a teen

only to be house-chained, seldom to be seen

I also had dreams, never given chance

now life has no music, just more duties to dance

He beats me everyday, like I’m his punching-bag

Even when he makes love, he likes to make me gag

My pain is his pleasure, my wounds are his prize

Only to feel masculine, only to make him rise

But I am not a bullock, he ain’t my owner

My body is mine, not a tool for his boner

Thought about ending all this, just with a trigger

Then thought about fighting back, my heart was eager

Went to the law, gave them all proof

Only to be paraded, mentioned as a spoof

Met women like me, the tough strong tribe

not to drown in pain, no to society’s jibe

Now I have dreams too, sure they have changed

Never to be silenced, never to be mamed

Got to say to all people, there is always a way

Help yourself, and just don’t pray!!!!

Tardigrades- The microscopic HELLBOY

An Israeli Lander BERESHEET which was planned to land on moon got crashed. But did it spilled the toughest animal known in the entire universe on the moon?

Yes, they had spilled Tardigrades on the moon. They are also known as water bears or moss piglets. Tardigrades live in the ocean and in the soil of every continent, in every climate and in every latitude.

There are over 1,000 known species within Tardigrade, so it is a large phylum of animals. They prefer to live in sediment at the bottom of a lake, on moist pieces of moss or other wet environments.

CRYPTOBIOSIS is the stage of indestructibility used by these organisms to survive volcanic eruptions, droughts, ocean geysers etc.  In this state, they tuck in their legs and expel all moisture from their bodies, preserving their bodies.

Certainly the slur of TARD is going to go 360 degrees in terms of meaning when we realise toughness of tardigrades.

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The duty of a person to work just enough so that goal is achieved, no more or less is Dharma.

It is like a centrifugal force that decides whether the Karma is justified or not.

A leader’s dharma is to be a good listener having a rhino skin and knowledge about wellness of his people.

A monk’s dharma is to guide the public in rightful direction.

A snake’s dharma is to use poison in self-defense.

A parent’s dharma is to provide good care to their children and simultaneously self-progress.

A child’s dharma is to be innocent, free of stress and burst into life in her every moment.

A prostitute’s dharma is to provide sexual service without surrendering her mental vigour to society.

Learning: Do what is necessary to solve problems in front of you. There won’t be a need to visit places in distress if this chain of problem-solving progresses. Empower others to do their Dharma


Storyline: A young boy is not interested in food that his mom prepares at home. He goes out for food outside with his parents. He sees malnourished children on road, searching in garbage for food. He asks one of these children to join them and……..

Mama, I don’t like what you cook

Nothing for my test-buds to hook

Not going to finish this stupid lunch

Am Fine with fries and fruit-punch

Can we go to the new candy truck

We have all the money, just spend few buck

Who is this mama, why this boy so thin

With stomach so ballooned, a pale yellow chin

Do you like cotton candy, we can both share

I also don’t like home food, ain’t no shame there

Weak boy rejects my offer, goes straight to dad

Asks for leftovers, just anything we had

Something melted inside me like it was nirvana

Food is so precious and so is daana

*nirvana– salvation

*daana– donation

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A father’s dream

The scorching sun, in a midnight cold

The harshest work, bones growing old

The children’s education, providing healthy diet

Putting food on the table, hiding poverty from sight

The voyage to unknown city, some dangerous work

For keeping the calm, he is resisting the irk

The goal is survival, so little fellows could grow

The unlimited patience of fathers, the struggle they sow

The perfect role-model, a central figure

My mother’s happiness, always he is eager!!!

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Monday Archies

India has been a melting pot of diverse cultures which are together so beautiful that it blows you away. As against the image of snake-charmers portrayed by colonialist powers about India, we have a composite culture. Someone rightly described as India being a cosmic chaos and we feel homesick in places having too much order 😛

Swarga Mandap,Koteshwar Temple (Maharashtra)

Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

Vishwanath Mandir, Guptkashi (Uttarakhand)

Octa-metal statue of God Hanuman (Madhya Pradesh)

These 4 beautiful places are as peaceful to visit and sit as beautiful they look. Will come up with 4 more exciting places next monday.

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